Companies Interested in Retail Investors

Our specialty is retail investor targeting and retail investor meetings.  We connect your management team face-to-face with the retail investment community at luncheons and after-market meetings.  

We encourage companies from all market sectors to consider the advantage of a broader ownership base.  

The Corporate Forum works with small- and large-cap clients across the industry spectrum.  We give you the opportunity to present to a diverse audience including investment advisors, financial planners, private money managers, professional investors and more. 

We can help!
It happens every day - hundreds of publicly traded companies compete again each other in the hopes of attracting awareness, an ultimately investor dollars. 

Our investor luncheons are designed to help you:
  • Tell your unique story
  • Raise corporate visibility
  • Enhance Shareholder Value
  • Diversify your holders
If your company is interested in a different audience
and/or a different conversation,
consider the retail community.
Retail investors, including financial planners and other representatives, can have a positive quality impact. 

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