Who What Why Talk to Brokers

Why Talk to Brokers: Lessons Learned

 If your company is interested in a different audience and/or a different conversation, consider the retail community.  Retail
 investors, including financial planners and other registered representatives, can have a positive quality impact. 

 Retail investors are not measured on quarterly performance and therefore are interested in long-term investment
 performance.  Retail investors also have the luxury of investing where their interests lead.  Continue reading


How to Present to a Retail Audience: Successful Presentations

 A successful investor presentation is the sum of many parts.  Bad weather and crummy traffic are difficult to overcome, just
 as a soaring market and a splendid breakfast may set the stage for a good-mood mindset. 

 Yet there are three inputs for every successful investor presentation - audience, content and logistics.  Without an audience,
 it doesn't matter how great your content.  Excellent content that starts late and ends in a rush has missed its chance to
 impress.  And even perfect logistics cannot bring a lackluster presentation to life.   Read more 
When to Talk to Retail Investors: Going on the Road

 Sometimes it's easy to decide when to go on the road and meet with investors.  Where there is a new management team, a 
 new strategic focus and/or a new product introduction, this is a great time to go out and meet with the investment community to
 explain the opportunity. 

 Sometimes it’s not so easy – if the company is in the midst of a downturn, should management focus all its efforts on the
 turnaround,  or go out on the road to explain the realignment?    Read on for general rules

The Seven Biggest Mistakes: More Lessons Learned

Providing too much information, taking too much time and/or extending invitations too early or too late are just three of the ways to alienate an audience.   You can also neglect the logistics, ignore the microphone and omit any hand-outs.  Last, and most important of all, if you show up once and only once, investors will forget you just as you have forgotten them.   

Learn how to avoid rookie mistakes and instead have a lasting impact.   Read more 

Where to Start / How to Plan

Common strategies include starting close to home, merging with other business travel, leveraging existing holders and/or beginning with your end market.

Whichever approach you choose, the key is to lock in appropriate cities and dates before someone else does.   Continue reading

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