Welcome to the Corporate Forum   

Some of the most compelling stories never reach a broad sector of the investment community.  The Corporate Forum bridges this gap by arranging meetings between publicly-traded companies and retail investors. Our audience of retail investors includes financial planners, independent money managers, professional investors, private investment officers and others. 

Every day, hundreds of publicly traded companies compete against one another in the hopes of attracting awareness and, ultimately, investment dollars.  These companies require not only innovative products, powerful messages and strong earnings, but also a resourceful and effective introduction to secure the attention of financial decision-makers. 

If you represent a publicly traded company, you can have the Corporate Forum fill a room with retail investors eager to hear your corporate message


The Corporate Forum was established in 1971 to enable executives of selected companies the opportunity to present  their company directly to an audience of registered representatives, analysts and money managers.  

First organized as The Boston Stockbrokers Club, expansion into other cities has been under the Corporate Forum banner with the The Boston Stockbrokers Club as the oldest continuously running stockbrokers group in the United States.
 Why Corporate Forum?

 Expertise - 
Decades of experience with outreach and communications

 Service - We book the venue, manage the logistics, provide on-site host

 Diversification -  Expand beyond the traditional money manager

 Time Management -  Optimize business travel with investor outreach

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